> 'My sister "Windward" (whom you may remember from my two posts on the story of our childhood stuffed animal games) may be writing a guest post here! No commitment as to when.'

Woooo! Loved the recounting of childhood stuffed-animal games! (not assuming that it'll necess. be on that or anything like that.)

Very amused by the casual comment of, "I'd long since written voting software for the inhabitants of Beanbag City." XD

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I'm always up for more reviews. Particularly of history, since I never seem to read as much of it as I would like.

Otherwise keep up the good work I've been enjoying it!

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Mar 8, 2023Liked by Evan Þ

Have to agree that I really enjoy the "Short Reviews". I have already gotten several books that I've shuffled away into my to-read stack from those!

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