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I understand that this may come across as lazy. I have no favourites. I mean I probably do but mostly I just enjoy that you do this at all. It’s all interesting and readable and thoughtful, but that you put this out and there’s hardly/nary a hint of the stuff that seems to leak in everywhere else that it’s like meeting with a good friend, just to relax and think, when I see your posts. Thanks!

(PS, please enable paid subscriptions- even if you don’t paywall anything I’d pay.)

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I really loved "Constraints as a Writer's Friend" because of the directions it took me in my THINKING--It got me thinking about 10 different examples and/or principles, only a handful of which I mentioned in the comment!

Also, I love that Dorothy Sayers keeps coming up. It's encouraging me to read her--probably starting with the 2nd book of Peter Wimsey. (though I still haven't yet! What's it going to take?!?)

And, as you know, I think the recounting of childhood storytelling posts were awesome!! (I REALLY want them to find an audience elsewhere as well--something that gets moms of little kids thinking, "This could be what their inner world will end up being like," or "Oh yeaaahhh, I remember what it was like for me and my sibling(s)." It's my contention that people often do not sufficiently remember that they too were once children!!)

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"Poor Lenses For a Story," "The Late Partial Redemption of Stephen A. Douglas," & "The Election of 1800" were great & informative for me.

"Paul Revere in the Story of History" amused me with the sense of 'Here is an innovative engineer leaving his mark upon the country that way--but he wishes he were a politician, (because he thought "that's the way to bring change?" Or because it was high-status? I'm not sure!) and keeps kicking against the goads.'

"Memories of Mid-Century Kids' Books" was fun and useful! Its counterpoint, "A Modern Kids' Adventure Story," was great with its analyses and questioning about what might "make" one of those adventures these days.

I was happy to "discover" the book you reviewed in "Gangster Government." ("Gang Leader for a Day") Haven't checked it out yet, but I'm pretty intrigued!

"Some Thoughts on Sequels" was great, too!

(So there's my list of ones that mostly weren't listed in this top-level post!)

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